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It moves in the e-Mauritian Tourism and e-Commerce!

Create your own home 100% internet media agency that offers articles and tips surfers seeking information on a destination. Today, when a tourist decides to make a trip, he naturally uses two media: the Internet or the press.
It is no longer necessary to have a storefront agency.

A click of the e-Tourism e-Market:

  • Open your Media Agency no key money, no staff, no entry fee
  • Work at home selected time
  • Enjoy a 100% online operation and support of tourism professionals
  • Enjoy journalistic writing that regularly feeds Site Content

Our turnover is increasing despite the global crisis. Proof that our concept is economically viable, and that is THE solution for tourism and commerce of tomorrow.

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Our strengths:

A motivating remuneration:

  • A minimum contracts to monetize your business

A home business:

  • Work at selected time

An economic formula:

  •  No obligation to invest in the acquisition and development of a local     
  • No costs incurred by the management of a company: rent, staff, business tax, etc ...   
  •  Total independence in the organization of work: free choice of schedules, selecting advertising, taking orders, appointment ...

A sales and marketing support:

  • A search assistance mandates through our back office. The first appointment is accompanied or advised to form quickly a portfolio of assets
  • No administrative constraints of a company: bank guarantee, professional card, record keeping, etc ...
  • Availability 24/24 technicians and webmaster for the proper management of the site.

IT specialist tools:

  • Provision of a network platform incorporating, blog, customer profile, accessibility of a database of your customers and business on the internet.
  • Today, we are present in 100% of the "tourist" web: the largest proposed web display.

Training, incentives:

  • Seminars and training days with a basic 3 half day at Rs 2000
  • Business challenges and incentives 2 half day at Rs 4000
  • Regular information on the profession and the life of the network. 1 half day at Rs 1000 / semester

Become our partner in your sector or region.

The .MU is a concept that allows Internet and tourism professionals and Marketing of having daily information on the local or international destination for their next trip or purchase without having to pay them.

This concept created and developed by Legekko Info Ltd, is for all the SOHO businesses, SMEs, merchants, etc ... Large Distribution seeking effective and inexpensive ways to develop their image and of course their CA.

It is the result of special agreements with professionals interested in the tourism bookings and further information on the destinations and establishments.

The originality of this economic niche is based on strong promise: 80% of French people dream of leaving each year at least one week on vacation. And over 50% of Mauritian now have an internet connection and're used!

The strengths of the concept:

  • Concept pleasant without competition to sell and lucrative
  • Very low investment, low fixed charges
  • Product with high added value
  • Strong reputation on an unlimited market
  • The activity can be started at home

The Assets for the distributor:

  • A complete training to be operational immediately
  • Unlimited prospecting area,
  • Commercial ongoing support and marketing.
  • The network and web support
  • A communication all leads and contacts related to his area.
  • A protected trademark.
  • Solid references.
  •  No special knowledge is required. Commercial and journalistic experience is rather desirable.

    The candidate's age does not matter but good interpersonal and communication direction are necessary. Traits: motivated, enterprising, ordered, initiative, observer.

  • Legekko Info Ltd is for those who wish to escape the wage, practice lessons learned, will launch a new career challenge
  • Legekko Information Ltd brings the keys to a nice market, inexhaustible and growing.
  • While minimizing the risks, making best use of aids to business creation, you can exercise from your home, in the region of your choice, without special knowledge.

The corporate assets:

  •     Privatize a region, a city, an island and use this custom media support for better internet communication. Film, photos, stories, audio, Internet is a comprehensive and inexpensive media.

To contact us, thank you to write us at the following address jpp [at] legekko [dot] info and thank you to specify the reference to Franchise your mail.