Shopping Heaven

Mauritius's reputation as a paradise of tourism has been strengthened by the diversity and quality of shopping.

It is found everywhere in Mauritius, many markets, shopping centers, specialty shops, craft shops, art galleries and numerous shops offering original products, great quality at great prices.

Duty-free shops, reserved for tourists with their passports and their plane ticket, have multiplied in recent years and the prices that are charged are particularly attractive. articles duty can be purchased at these stores and are issued at the airport counter of the customs or that of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Many memories are back in Mauritius. The most famous remains the desired boat model, known around the world. finely restored according to the original plans, each model holds its batch details whatever the model chosen. cleverly packaged by manufacturers, these models will be supported by all airlines, used to carry this type of cargo, however an additional cost depending on the volume and weight of the model.

Jewelry is also sought. Heir to a long tradition, particularly among Hindus and among Muslims, the Mauritian Jewellery proposes many products around 18 or 22 carat gold, diamonds, pearl ...
Most jewelers also offers many watch models from almost all major international brands at very attractive prices.

Textile is one of the most interesting souvenirs to take back to Mauritius. very many famous claws have their production unit on the island. Once exported, the quota to which they are entitled, the remaining output is sold locally at competitive rates. Shirts, polo shirts, trousers, suits, dresses, suits, T-shirts ... Maurice costing two to three times cheaper than in Europe.

The Mauritian handicraft is rich and varied.
Basketry, embroidery, pottery, painting, cut stone, recycled glass ... From numerous shops around the island, offer a multitude of unusual objects to discover and bring to everyone's pleasure.

Cooking enthusiasts can bring back fruit jellies, chillies, multiple spices, pickles (raw vegetables délicienx macerated in oil) without forgetting the tea, vanilla and local rum.