Our Ad Rates

We offer two services that can be complementary.
The first is to propose a strategy for SEO Content Writint, it is a simple formula of Rs 5,500 which includes:

A text not exceeding 350 words + photo, compounds of defined keywords.
If the customer has a video or virtual tour, we will integrate the elements so that we proceed with the implementation.
This deal is for a period of one year after its implementation on the site.

Concerning an application for a banner promoting a particular period, we propose a banner from rs 2000 / month (see 2nd square), Small Business or nGOs to Rs 2000 / week for medium and large companies. This business model gives the right to the implementation of the press releases.

To receive an infomercial, you must refer to the SEO formula, wanting to communicate on the web.
Rs 5500 for the first text, Rs 2500 for the following.

The banner at the top of the site, Sky Banner is worth Rs 25000 per month.
We need if you want to sell reservations dates ... Popular and it risks booker quickly.

Top Banner is worth Rs 2000 per week *
the 1st Square is worth Rs 2000 per week *
the 2nd Square is worth Rs 2000 per month

* Depending on the activities, as NGOs, artisans, small businesses, we help by giving a preferential rate in order to receive the contact of each on our site.