Un plan stratégique pour le tourisme mauricien

25 août 2018

Lors de la réunion du cabinet ministériel mauricien qui a eu lieu en fin de matinée du 24 Août 2018, le gouvernement a approuvé le plan stratégique 2018-2012 présenté par Anil Gayan, ministre du Tourisme, qui comprends 84 projets.

Cabinet has agreed to the publication and implementation of the Tourism Strategic Plan 2018-2021.

The Strategic Plan advocates a skill-intensive and technology-driven model of tourism development taking into account the goals set in the Government Programme 2015-2019 and the Vision 2030 statement. 

The Plan also adopts a four-pronged strategy geared towards intensifying the visibility of the destination, improving accessibility to the destination, enhancing the attractiveness of Mauritius and fostering sustainable tourism development to promote a globally competitive and sustainable tourism industry with a well-diversified tourism product portfolio catering for different tourist profiles. 

The Strategic Plan incorporates some 84 projects and programmes that would have to be implemented by different Agencies within a given time frame.