Maurice sans passeport

11 août 2018
Maurice sans passeport
Maurice sans passeport

Le gouvernement a donné son aval pour ce projet afin de booster le nombre de touriste qui viennent de l’Ile Soeur.
Cabinet has taken note of a programme which has been worked to boost the Reunion Island market through a “Maurice sans Passport” over weekend packages during the period 16 August to 10 October 2018. The visitors would travel on the strength of an Identity Card. The pre-requisites of the programme are as follows :

visitors should be residents of Reunion Island and travel from there only;

they     must spend a minimum of two nights in Mauritius;

 they     should meet the usual immigration requirements in terms of return     air ticket and insurance cover, sufficient financial means as well      as confirmed accommodation arrangements;

    on     arrival, they should produce to the Immigration Officer their valid     Identity Cards as well as the accommodation voucher issued by the     travel agency; and

    they     should not engage in any gainful occupation during their stay.