LG G3 launched in Mauritius

3 août 2014  |  Jean Claude Le Roy
LG G3 launched in Mauritius
LG G3 launched in Mauritius

LG has an unrivalled reputation in the display arena and decided to incorporate a Quad HD display with the G3 that would be able to render true-to-life image quality. At the time of development, Full HD display was the best resolution available for smartphones. Most smartphones are equipped with 13MP cameras; therefore photos taken with these have higher resolutions than Full HD


Up until now, we’ve been viewing high quality images on low resolution displays. Mobile devices need better displays so that we, as consumers, can enjoy high resolution images in its full detail. LG provides a premium display quality through Quad HD

Quad HD display produces sharper, crisper and clearer images with more realistic colour reproduction. With Quad HD, the finest detail is noticeable in images. With higher resolution displays also comes a shorter battery life. The developers took into consideration that higher resolution screens shortens battery life and the G3 was designed to optimize its battery consumption. The result being that the G3 display uses less energy than the standard Full HD display

With a pixel density of 538ppi, the G3’s Quad HD display sets new viewing standards when it comes to smartphone displays. The 5.5 inch screen boasts a ratio of 76.4% with thin bezels all around, which makes the G3 feel as comfortable as smaller traditional smartphones in the hand

The G3 guarantees the best quality viewing of photos and videos of any smartphone that is currently available on the market

The latest smartphone from LG is also a culmination of consumer research based on LG’s product development philosophy, Learning from You. LG listened and the G3’s philosophy, Simple is the New Smart, was born

LG’s research showed that customers get frustrated when they miss magical moments. Everyone wants a smartphone camera that can take quality pictures fast and without fail. LG took this to heart and Laser Auto Focus was incorporated into the G3

The G3 13MP OIS+ (Optical Image Stabilizer Plus) camera combined with the Laser Auto Focus ensures stunningly sharp images in a fraction of second required by conventional phone cameras. This technology is the first of its kind in the smartphone industry. Laser Auto Focus enables the G3 to capture the best moments, even in low light, by measuring the distance between the subject and the camera using a laser beam

With the G3, fuzzy pictures and missed memories are a thing of the past

Added to this, so much more stunning features are available on the new LG G3

Local customers don’t have to wait too long to get their hands on the LG G3 as it is now available at Dragon Electronics

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