Initiatives pour booster les arrivées touritsiques de Chine

30 juin 2018

Les msmbres du gouvernement ont pris note des initiatives du ministre du Tourisme pour augmenter le nombre de touristes venant du pays de la Grad Muraille.

Cabinet has taken note of the initiatives taken by the Ministry of Tourism and other stakeholders to boost tourist arrivals from China.

The Minister of Tourism had a meeting recently with Mr Wang Wenbao, Chairperson of Shanxi Cultural and Tourism Investment Holding Group and Mr Xing Lianjun, General Manager of Shanxi Province Investment Group and discussed, inter alia, the intensification of promotional efforts and possibilities of marketing support.

The Ministry of Tourism is also holding regular meetings with Air Mauritius and relevant stakeholders to discuss marketing strategies for the Chinese market with a view to harmonising efforts to attract the Chinese outbound market to Mauritius.