The new trend of the Invest Hotel Scheme

After the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) and Real estate Scheme, the new trend in Mauritius is in Invest Hotel Scheme (IHS). Last formula date in the field of hospitality in the destination Mauritius, it allows hotel developers to proceed with the sale of villas, suites and rooms.

Long Beach Hotel compte 85% sont de mauriciens, plus particulièrement la diaspora établie à l’étranger, parmi ses acheteurs
Long Beach Hotel count 85% of Mauritians, especially the diaspora abroad, among his buyers

Just to hotel developers to be in possession of a certificate to that effect from the Board of Investment (BOI), where similar projects are being considered in order to have this authorization. The price criterion is the location and size of the room.

The IHS was introduced in Mauritius in September 2009 and among the projects approved to date include the Long Beach Resort, one of Brabant in Balaclava and BR Properties in Melville.

For the latest hotel group Sun Resorts for example, The Long Beach Hotel, 90 hotel units offered for sale six months ago, half, especially those touching almost virgin beaches, have already been sold. And among these buyers are include 85% of Mauritians, especially the diaspora abroad.

To book a room, it took a 10% deposit. Another deposit of 41% is required before December 31, 2010 and the rest at the opening of the hotel, which will be in April 2011. The Long Beach Hotel is a project which cost a total of Rs 2.6 billion and includes 255 rooms, seven resto-bars, three swimming pools, spa, steam room and a sports center.

With this transaction, the acquirer obtains a title accompanied privileges whose return to investment, which is a minimum of 7% in euros over the entire resort. Also included 21 annual overnight stays available in all Sun Resorts hotels including Kanuhura Maldives.

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The buyer also benefits from all the services of the hotel establishment such as catering, spa, hammam, land sports and water among others. In addition, if the owners do not exhaust their overnight stays, the investment grows back. And everything is based on a reputed and strong brand. And unlike other formulas such as the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), IHS includes him, all the electricity costs, water and various repairs.

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