Mauritius: tax haven investors

You dream of founding your company in Mauritius? The creation of a company is subject to rules. Your best partner to realize this ambition, the Borad of Investment (BOI). It will guide you in your efforts.

Create a company in Mauritius represents many advantages. Mauritius is deemed to be a tax haven. And this at various levels. The companies are not subject to taxes on capital gains, dividends and the profits and dividends of the same companies, on foreign territory in Mauritius, subject only to a 15% tax rate for repatriation.

Mauritius also offers investors a facility in the creation of your business. The creation of the company is within 2 to 5 days after receipt of relevant documents to the constitution of your company and payment of mandatory professional expenses.

The basic rules for creating a business are simple:
The investment must be a minimum amount of 100 000 USD and carry an annual turnover of 4 million Mauritian Rupees, equivalent to about 100,000 euros.

Another significant advantage is the cost of the Mauritian labor is much lower than you will find in France for equivalent profiles. Mauritian wages are not subject to the same rules as in France, there is no threshold, but the salary is a persistent motivation lever if you want to have motivated teams.

Wage costs are also significantly lower. They do not exceed 15% of salary. Caution, however, it will be difficult for you to establish yourself in Mauritius, if you do bring a new service or if your client portfolio is not outside the country because Mauritius is a highly developed country or economic creation of companies on Western and Asian models.