Mauritius: Destination villas IRS and ERS

You dream you settle on an island where the sun always shines? You want to emigrate to Mauritius and your budget is at least $ 500,000? You can benefit from a villa and a permanent residence under the Integrated Resort Scheme projects (IRS).

Implementation by the Mauritian government to allow foreign investors to settle IRS projects are open to individuals or foreign companies enjoying strong purchasing power. The IRS projects, they offer you the opportunity to enjoy the tax benefits of Mauritius: No tax on wealth, inheritance and no property tax.

ERS or RES projects operate under a similar principle. They grant you the opportunity to acquire a villa, except that the minimum budget is not capped but for all villas whose amount is less than 500000 USD, you get the right to come into your villa a tourist visa but this can be extended to six months a year instead of three months granted by a basic tourist visa.